About Science3D

Science3D is an Open Access project to archive and curate scientific data and make them available to everyone interested in scientific endeavours. Science3D focusses mainly on 3D tomography data from biological samples, simply because theses object make it comparably easy to understand the concepts and techniques.

The data come primarily from the imaging beamlines of the Helmholtz Center Geesthacht (HZG), which make use of the uniquely bright and coherent X-rays of the Petra3 synchrotron. Petra3 - like many other photon and neutron sources in Europe and World-wide - is a fanstastic instrument to investigate the microscopic detail of matter and organisms. The experiments at photon science beamlines hence provide unique insights into all kind of scientific fields, ranging from medical applications to plasma physics. The success of these experiments demands enormous efforts of the scientists and quite some investments. So it would be a shame to hide these valuable data in a drawer and not to make the data publicly available. The aim is to provide not only the original data, but also as much background information as possible both on the scientific results derived from the data as well as the techniques and tools used in this process.

The Science3D data catalog needs the support from the scientists providing data and background information and we'd like to invite and encourage the Photon Science users to contribute their expertise. Likewise, the Science3D data catalog aims to make information publicly available, so we'd love to hear from you any kind of feedback, critics and praise are equally welcome.

The data catalog is part of he Helmholtz Open Access Initiative and hosted by DESY and the HZG with support from the PaNdata ODI project and the European comission.