Our Partners

Science3D is a joint project of the following institutes, projects and cooperations:

DESY is Germany's largest research center for accelerator physics and photon science. At the Hamburg campus, DESY has operated the DORIS III synchrotron, which was decomissioned in 2013. Currently DESY runs the PETRA III light source, the most brilliant x-ray light source world wide. Many of the publications and datasets originate from experiments at DORIS or PETRA III. DESY IT provides the basic infrastructure behind this web site.

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht is a member of the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft. The HZG is divided up in three main fields of research: The Institute for Coastal Research, the Institute for Polymer Research, and the Institute for Materials Research. HZG is operating the tomography beamlines at DESY - both for DORIS and PETRA III. The beamlines are the ultimate tools for the stunning x-ray tomograms on this site.