The nanotomography endstation at the PETRA III Imaging Beamline

M.Ogurreck, F.Wilde, J.Herzen, F.Beckmann, V.Nazmov, J.Mohr, A.Haibel, M.Müller, A.Schreyer
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 425 182002
Graphical abstract: 

The Imaging Beamline (IBL) operated by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) at the newly refurbished DESY PETRA III storage ring is dedicated to radiography and tomography and provides two experimental endstations, one for micro tomography and one for nano tomography. The technical specifications aim for 3D imaging with a spatial resolution of below 100 nm. This nanometer resolution will be achieved by using different combinations of compound refractive lenses as X-ray optics. In addition, a microscopic optic for magnifying the images after the converting in visible light will be used, too.

The overall setup is designed to be very flexible, which allows also the implementation of other optical elements (e.g. Fresnel zoneplates, KB mirrors) as well as the application of different magnifying techniques like cone-beam tomography or X-ray microscopy. The accessible energy range for the nano tomography is 10 – 30 keV but the beamline is designed for an energy range of 5 – 50 keV and we aim to allow the same energy range for the nano tomography in the long run.